Planning to move to Dubai? Or you’re already in this popular City in the Middle East and trying to figure out how to move around?

Dubai is an astounding city. With enormous malls, luxurious hotels, excellent job opportunities, and lovely beaches, it’s one of the best places to live in the world. However, like with most of the world’s greatest cities, the place certainly has its flukes. Here are some things that might seem weird to visitors, but are merely facts of life for Dubai residents:

  1. You need copies of your passport, Emirates ID and visa to get anything done

Want to get a mobile contract plan?  Set up TV Cable and internet line? Want to rent or buy a car? You’d better have this documents ready.

  1. There’s no tax

Yep, that’s true, we pay zero tax! But then you’ll see all those saved payments goes down to housing fees that were really golden.

  1. You can actually spend a whole day in a Mall

You just start thinking of getting a brunch at the mall and you’ll find yourself observing the aquarium, going to the ice-skating rink, checking the new movie on the cinema, or just trying to see if the washing detergent you are using is on sale at Carrefour and end up checking all the sale items will take you whole day gone.

  1. Having an Asian, American, European, Russian and Arabic Friend

You will miss home, but once you are adapted to the Dubai life you will develop new friendships from people of different nationalities. There will be the time that you’ll be going out with them and you’ll realize that it’s like going to a meeting for a world organization.

  1. When it Rains, It Pours

Having the first rain after the summer makes everyone get so excited that you’d think there’s a street party. But for people that’s been living in a place they know got stuck on floods will start to leave their jobs early or they will end up swimming to go home. Dubai didn’t really design their roads with promising drainage system because why waste their money on the rain that comes 3-5 times a year on the average?

  1. You can’t just use addresses

Unlike in your home country that it will not be a problem to give the address for a delivery, here they will always require you to give a more specific landmark to back up the address you just gave because the delivery guy might just get lost on the roads if not. You might want to give the nearest metro station, or nearest mall, or nearest hotel mentioning if it’s made of glass or of gold.

  1. My Friend

It might be funny to call everyone your friend but if you live in Dubai and you want to get attention of someone who works in a store perhaps, you can call him “my friend” and you have all his attention even if he never met you in his life and he might as well give you a friendly treatment.

  1. Summer is not the Beach Weather, Winter is.

For most of the countries around the world, summer is the time to go out and enjoy outside activities like hiking or going to the beach. But in Middle East city like Dubai, no one goes to the beach in the 50 degrees summer heat or you will just get the sunburn that you want. You will need the winter to come and cool down the place before you can really enjoy the beach and wear your bikinis under the sun without worrying you’ll burn.

  1. VIP is not the VIP

VIP doesn’t just end in VIP for Dubai tickets. Let me introduce you to Platinum and Diamond ticket seats that you can also call VVIP AND VVVIP.

  1. Miss your turn and consider one hour or your life being wasted

This is probably one the most hated nightmare of every expat that owns a car. One missed turn will make you end up driving to another 5 or 10 turns and roundabouts before you can find your way back. And don’t keep your hopes up about having your google map with you because even google get lost on the Dubai roads.

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