With such a broad range of industries, companies, positions, and locations, there are numerous ways to join Al-Futtaim and make a difference. The company welcome people of different skills and academic backgrounds, and believe that everyone has something to offer.

Their four main divisions of automotive, retail, finance, and real estate make your career opportunities endless. Roles run from Visual Merchandiser to Marketing Communications Manager, E-commerce Business Analyst to Mechanical Engineer. You could work on greenfield projects or take a top senior management position.



At Al-Futtaim, they have a place for every talent and ability – you just have to share our Values and passion.

Al-Futtaim’s work environment is highly engaging and supportive, and our company culture values, recognises, and rewards quality performance. Their teams across the world work hard and are constantly pushing the limits to see what else we can do and how we can make an impact. They don’t settle for “good enough” when we know something has the potential to be groundbreaking.

A career at Al-Futtaim is guaranteed to always be exciting and challenging. The company is constantly starting and finishing projects, and mapping out their next location and endeavour.

To apply for job vacancies in the company, please click on the links below. (Updated July 2018)


Vacancy TitleBrand / DeptDATE POSTEDCLICK HERE
ShopkeeperShowroom28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Food & Beverage Manager IKEA28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Markethall Sales Manager IKEA28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Com&In Activity Specialist IKEA28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Senior Audit Manager Al Futtaim28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
General Manager – Risk Management Al Futtaim Finance28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Graphic Designer/Sign Writer IKEA28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Graphic Designer Group Leader IKEA28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Office Assistant Al Futtaim Toyota28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Sales Supply & Support Group Leader IKEA28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Maintenance Assistant Group Leader IKEA28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Learning & Development Specialist IKEA28-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Accounts Executive27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Store Manager Toys R Us27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Goods Flow Manager IKEA27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Customer Relations Manager IKEA27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Sales Manager IKEA27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Operations Manager IKEA27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Communication & Interior Design Manager IKEA27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Visual Merchandiser Manager IKEA27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Interior Design Group Leader IKEA27-Oct-18APPLY HERE
User Experience UX Designer – Digital26-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Registered Nurse Healthcare26-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Radiology Technician Healthcare26-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Assistant Nurse Healthcare26-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Medical Laboratory Technician Healthcare26-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Nursing Supervisor Healthcare26-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Occupational Therapist Healthcare26-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Physiotherapist Healthcare26-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Housekeeping Manager Al Futtaim Engineering25-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Landscape Manager Al Futtaim Engineering25-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Quality Controller (Road Tester) Al Futtaim Lexus25-Oct-18APPLY HERE
General Technician (x2) Al Futtaim Lexus25-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Senior Manager – Corporate Finance Al Futtaim Group25-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Contract Based Finance Analyst Retail Division24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Cabling Infrastructure EngineerAl Futtaim Technologies24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Technician – ELV SystemsAl Futtaim Technologies24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Service Coordinator – Trade & Enterprise Volvo – Dubai Al Futtaim24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Regional Customer Support Center Manager IKEA24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Regional Customer Support Center Group Leader IKEA24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Regional Customer Support Center Agent IKEA24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Digital Savvy Marketing ManagerAftersales Toyota24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Project Engineer – ICT / ELV / AVAl Futtaim Technologies24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Technician – Cabling InfrastructureAl Futtaim Technologies24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Draftsman – ELV / ICT / AVAl Futtaim Technologies24-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Sales EngineerEicher Trucks & Buses Al Futtaim FAMCO23-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Operations Manager23-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Data Entry Specialist – Retail Leasing AFGRE23-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Barbers – Le Barbier, Lutetia Aesthetic Clinic Al Futtaim Group22-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Aftersales Manager Lexus22-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Senior Analytics Auditor22-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Department Manager Robinsons22-Oct-18APPLY HERE
ApplicationSpecialist SAP AutoAftersales22-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Buyer Sports & Lifestyle22-Oct-18APPLY HERE
HR Analyst21-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Senior Sales Assistant ACE Hardware21-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Customer Support Assistant TECHSERVE21-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Hair Dresser Le Salon – Lutetia Aesthetic Clinic21-Oct-18APPLY HERE
PR Manager Group Marketing18-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Beauty Expert Robinsons18-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Store Manager Fashion – Multiple Brands17-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Facilities SupervisorAl Futtaim Engineering17-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Future Opportunity for Accounts Assistant – Cashier Al Futtaim Automotive16-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Future Opportunity for Warehouse Operators Al Futtaim Logistics16-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Technician – ChillersAl Futtaim Engineering16-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Solution Analyst – Digital16-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Digital Merchandise Specialist – Marketh15-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Head of Finance Operations (Retail Business Excellence) Retail14-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Warehouse Specialist14-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Customer Insights Manager13-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Operational & Financial Auditor Group Internal Audit13-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Web Developer IKEA13-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Plumbing Supervisor Al Futtaim Engineering12-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Legal Counsel11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Store Manager11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Project Engineer11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Technical Account Manager11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Project Engineer11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Assistant Vice President11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Regional Customer Centricity Experience Manager IKEA11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Design & Estimation Engineer11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Project Engineer11-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Future Opportunity for Drivers cum Assemblers Al Futtaim Logistics10-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Future Opportunity for Forklift Operators Al Futtaim Logistics10-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Senior Vice President10-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/Specialist – Gastroenterology Healthcare09-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Sales Assistant09-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Call Centre Agent09-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Sales Assistant09-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Business Navigators IKEA09-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Call Centre Agent09-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Registered Nurse – Endoscopy Healthcare07-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Planning EngineerAl Futtaim Engineering05-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Global HRIS Analyst04-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Secretary04-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Bus Driver Al-Futtaim Hertz03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Dermatologists Lutetia Aesthetic Clinic03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – ENT Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Cardiology Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Family Medicine Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Orthopedics Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Dermatologist / Cosmetologist Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Internal Medicine Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Endocrinologist Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Urologist Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – General Surgery Healthcare03-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Pediatrics Healthcare02-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Senior Maintenance ExecutiveAl Futtaim Engineering02-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Customer Services Executive Healthcare01-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Insurance Coder Healthcare01-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Light Vehicle Driver (Manual License Only) Al Futtaim Logistics01-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Sales Associate Robinsons01-Oct-18APPLY HERE
Physician – General Practitioner Healthcare30-Sep-18APPLY HERE
Consultant/ Specialist – Obstetrics & Gynecology Healthcare30-Sep-18APPLY HERE
Allocator30-Sep-18APPLY HERE

Please NOTE: No Employer in UAE will ask you for money in exchange of processing your employment. Please be cautious of scammers. Please inform us if you will be encountering such incidents for us to take proper action from our side. Thank you and Good Luck fellow Expat!

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