Dog Groomers and Assistant Groomers

Our Grooming team are at the sharp end of the business – literally! They have experience with all breeds and offer services from standard cuts and puppy trims to facials and bubble baths. Whether dealing with a show dog – or a guest that just wants to look or feel like one, the end results are pets that look and feel beautiful.



To join our stylists as either a Groomer or an Assistant you will:
love dogs
be able to communicate confidently in English
be calm, patient and reassuring
be able to identify the signs of anxiety
be a good listener
find it easy to apply attention to detail
be fit and healthy – our groomers are on their feet and often hunched over for much of the working day

Source: Indeed

Please NOTE: No Employer in UAE will ask you for money in exchange of processing your employment. Please be cautious of scammers. Please inform us if you will be encountering such incidents for us to take proper action from our side. Thank you and Good Luck fellow Expat!

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